1 - The game consists of two level packs (with 51 and 30 levels each).

2 - There are two possible ways to get through a level: changing the URL to put the answer or putting the correct user and password (if required). You will never get through a level just clicking on one specific point of the screen (although some images can have clickable parts).

3 - Some of the levels consist on more than one page/image/type of file.

4 - There's no need to do any kind of image manipulation (except on level 51).

5 - Be patient. You may take time to figure out the solutions.

6 - Call everybody you can to help. Different points of view can be very interesting.

7 - Look at every single part of the puzzle. The smallest detail can be a clue.

8 - Open every source code. To open it, go to page/source code or right-click on a black space of a level/source code.

9 - The word at the end of the URL can or cannot have connection with the level (you’ll notice when it does).

10 - Regarding user/password/word in URL:
    - no spaces
    - no capital letters
    - no . , ‘ “” \ / : ; - _
    - the user/pass can be a junction of words and both can be one word splitted into two

11 - Put reality on it.